Franchise Technology & Development

One of the most critical pillars your franchise business is your technology stack. Franchise businesses that fail at evaluating their web based systems can often face growth bottlenecks that prevent them from scaling. Without a proper tech stack, your franchise business will have to stop or slow down operations while patching holes and gaps in systems growth. 

What you gain in minimizing upfront cost ends up costing your business more in future growth and opportunity costs. It’s easier and more cost efficient to manage and implement a proper technology stack upfront than it is to figure it out later when the stakes are higher.

Franchise Technology Services

FranMOB has over 15 years in informational technology. We handle everything from understanding the tech your business will need to grow to implementation. So you’ll be sure to get a bulletproof website and infrastructure that’s safe and secure, can process thousands of transactions without a hiccup and will scale and grow with your business without worrying about future bottlenecks that most businesses face while growing.

We cover the following services.

Website Development & Scalability

Get a scalable website that will grow with your business. We’ll build  you a website that can handle massive amounts of traffic and won’t bottleneck your business. Your website will be build with best coding practices and security in mind. 

Franchise Lead Generation Integration

We’ll make sure all of your lead systems, including your franchise growth systems talk to each other. Connecting your internal CRM to your custom built website, so that all information is available readily available and accessible for the franchisor to see.

Merchant Processing & Payment Integration

Get your payment systems and technology systems integrated. We’ll make sure your PCI compliant and are able to process payments in scale. The last thing you want is downtime while your actively paying for marketing and driving sales to a page that can’t take payments.

Information Technology Infrastructure

Make sure your internal systems at headquarters is setup for growth. We’ll coordinate a internal review and technology implementation and security.