Generating Targeted Franchise Leads

Franchise Lead Generation On Steroids

Is it possible to grow your franchise network without depending broker networks? The answer is a resounding YES. We know this because we’ve done it. Multiple times. There’s an art and science to generating leads that are both desiring of your concept and have the means to facilitate the transaction.  In requires knowing exactly the kind of character marks that make up your franchisee base and finding more people just like them.

Our lead generation system is a core service offering FranMOB delivers to Franchisors looking to scale and grow their franchise base. Schedule a consultation call today to create your very own direct response lead generation system that will have you drowning in targeted candidates.

Our Franchise Lead Generation Process

Leads come in different shapes, sizes, and flavors.The biggest challenge for Franchise Sales Developers is  determining who’s really interested in buying a franchise or just going on fishing expedition. Over the decades of franchise lead generation experience, we’ve discovered that there at least 13 identifiable elements that reveal real buyers from window shoppers.

These 13 key elements are specific keywords and phrases that when said or identified with the prospect, let us know we have a serious buyer on our hands. The key is filtering out and allowing candidates to self select and self identify ahead of time. By identifying these elements, your sales team can zero-in on leads who self identify as a highly qualified and give less priority to those who identify themselves as a nothing more than a warm lead.

We generate these leads purely from direct response efforts, using our proprietary lead generation process. Below we cover that process so you could understand what makes it so powerful.

Psychographic Research


We dive deep into the your existing franchisee data and extract the ideal franchisee profile. We layer this data with our “13 key elements” to create the perfect avatar for your franchise model. Doing this shifts your franchise development process from finding leads to attracting them.

Magnetic Ads & Videos


Using our key elements, we’ll create highly targeted ads that resonate with serious franchise candidates. Some of these will be more magnetic than others, depending on the concept. But we handle ad creation and video creation from start to finish.

Lead Filtering Mechanism


Lead scoring and filtering allows our efforts to scale. By setting up a system that self identifies good leads from bad ones, allows us to increase spending on marketing channels that yield great results! This is the most important step in our process in our ability to generate targeted franchise candidates on demand.

Franchise Lead Scaling


Once the winning combination of ads and the rules of engagement have been established, it’s time to scale. At this point you’ll have the ability to scale your franchise lead efforts by the push of a button. This is the holy grail of Franchise Lead Generation. Targeted franchise candidates on demand.